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Re: [EVDL] road taxes for EVs

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Re: [EVDL] road taxes for EVs

Hi Folks,
As a full time electric vehicle driver I wonder about road taxes, not
that I mind escaping (smile)! Nice, but we do need to finance our roads.
I would expect that the issue will soon come up as more EVs are on the
road. I hope we can get ahead of the curve before something really
stupid is imposed on us!
Since we are talking about FITs ( feed in tariffs ) this could be
included, if a system was implemented that required the utilities give
us the absolute lowest industrial rate 5/6 cents? for EV charging for
both public stations and separately metered home charging, this could be
a time of use rate as well. The state would then reap a few additional
cents per KWH for road tax just like gas. To eliminate the possibility
of cheating the resulting price should always remain a couple of cents
below the residential cents per KWH charge.
Cheating in the other direction would be impractical and easy to detect
due to load patterns and tou charging.

William Brinsmead

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