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Re: [EVDL] S10 now with 161 miles and 1 mile on the strip

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Re: [EVDL] S10 now with 161 miles and 1 mile on the strip

Took the s10 street/drag truck out to Firebird last nite.They are an EV
friendly track giving me a 30 amp 110 volt charging plug. Next week I will bring
out a 220 plug/cord to charge. Tech inspection went great with only 2 small
problems, the steering shaft has to be drilled and the crouch strap has to be
attached to the back bar holding the seat in. The tech inspectors said I outdid
myself this time. The truck started out with 94 degree F batteries and a motor
field temp of 103. Ambient temp 105. Motor amps 1400 motor volts 150, battery
amps 500, battery volts 240. The 1st run I tried out the lineloc and you could
not see the truck after the 1st second of the burnout it buried the entire
area around the burnout area to past the starting line and filled the truck cab
where I could hardly see out all the way down the track. I held the pedal down
to about 900 feet on the 1st pass and ran 84mph at 14.51. The truck did not
seem to vibrate at all so I took it out a 2nd time at the same settings and
made a full pass this time 14.24 at 84mph checked the motor than added a hundred
battery amps and 150 motor amps she responded well with a 14.02 at 91mph.For
the last run another 150 motor amps and motor volts of 180 battery amps 750 and
battery volts 210.I ended the night with a 13.48 at 95.89mph.The battery temp
was 118 motor field temp121 ambient 94. No sign of arcing on this 24/36 volt
forklift motor. After I loaded the truck(15min after last run) the battery ocv
was 12.861 to 12.878. There was never any vibration the entire night. The
tires (drag radials) were set at 14lbs way to low. The coils on the shocks need
to be heaver due to the coil bind on every run. There was quite a lot of off
the line tire spin on the last run off the line. All and all not a bad shake
down night. I will go to the track with warmer batteries and proper coil springs
next week weather permiting.Maybe it will do a little better. I am having so
much fun with this new toy, I kinda feel sorry for the dragster all alone in
its trailer but she will be back out for the et finals in Vegas before I know
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