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Re: [EVDL] S10 racing tonight

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Re: [EVDL] S10 racing tonight

She now has 17 qt. mi. passes under her belt. It was a terrible 1st pass
running a 14.63 but it was fun! A warm-up for the batteries included the largest
burnout to date smoking HARD right up to the lights. A good name for this truck
could be the SMOKE SCREEN!!Leaving the light was no different, we spun the
tires on this 3356lb truck to at least the 300ft mark before it hooked up. The
second pass got to 12.83 third pass to 12.73 forth pass 12..2.I am happy with
how the night turned out. John Wayland is correct, a street vech.does garner
lots of attention, we were buried with it after the last 2 runs. The ZILLA 2K
does indeed put out 2000 amps in fact with a certified meter it put out 2006
amps when the Smoke Screen hooked up in the final pass.

I hope nedra puts on a race in the South west before
the end of the year, I think after 17 passes we are now ready to take on John
Waylands zombie in a HEADS UP race.
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