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Re: [EVDL] [seva] Local machine shops? (Adapter plate database?)

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Re: [EVDL] [seva] Local machine shops? (Adapter plate database?)

I *like* it. The basic of your adapter idea is similar to what I have
in mind. My plan is to reuse the stock motor plate (yes, these old
Datsuns used an adapter plate between the engine transmission.) I
even considered welding it up like in your pictures as I have to set
the motor back quite a bit too, but leaning toward spacer rings, both
for looks and making things easy for whatever machine shop I choose.
My motor (new single shaft ADC 8 inch from EVparts) is here so this
is going to get real serious real quick (for now I've mostly been
working on the heater.)

So far on the issue of locating the centerline of the engine crank
I've mostly found "sure, just bring us the empty block and the
plate." I really want to do this with the motor together as its a 92k
mile original that is worth selling (not to mention the time and mess
of taking it apart.)

Paul Gooch

David Dymaxion wrote:

> I did this, but was just using emachineshop as CAD software and to
> check the price. It turns out it is cheaper to get the
> electromotive parts.
> You can see my blueprints at <
> david_dymaxion/Adaptor/adaptor.html>, (Don't publish the link to
> it, it is getting a new home soon.)

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Re: [EVDL] [seva] Local machine shops? (Adapter plate database?)

Its a great idea Ryan. I suggest using dimensioned GIF or JPEG
images. Most local machinists I've talked want pictures and
measurements (a human readable blueprint.) These standard formats are
also readable by everyone and nearly forever. Local build allows the
use of suitable scrap or surplus materials (if/as available) and no

The database is a start. Step 2 seems to be figuring out the year/
model/engine/transmission range for each design. The internet can
help here (not me so far), and as new applications for a given design
are found they need to be added to the database.

I can toss up my VW Beetle to Prestolite adapter when such a database
is launched. Mine is not perfect, but it fits and I know the slight
errors (there should be a place to note any slight fitment fudging.)
There is also the issue of different motors being used, but I don't
think that is a big deal because the motor back end numbers generally
available (making changes there easy so long as the EVer can alter
the drawing.)

With motor adapter plate info the next things is the motor shaft
coupler info...
Still, just a tranny plate database would solve my problems (even
just a 2D one), and likely help quite a few people.

Paul Gooch

Lightning Ryan wrote:

> Has anyone considered an "Adapter plate database"?
> What if everyone did their adapter plate layouts in something
> like e-machine shop or some other universal cad application.
> Then submitted them to some free internet system, maybe at the
> evalbum or something. Such that in the future those looking
> to convert a '66 Datsun just order an adapter plate from
> e-machine shop online or use the schematic to have a local
> shop build it from a proven and perhaps rated plan...

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Re: [EVDL] [seva] Local machine shops? (Adapter plate database?)

I am thinking that while adapter designs donated by many, should be
available as a link, the page displaying the database might be best if
it was just the dimensions needed.

Because there are so many ways to make an adapter, but only one set of

|make | engine code | tranny |models |
<layoutlink > | <adapter examples link>|
|Nissan | Vg60 | FS5W71C |1984-1987 non turbo 300zx |
http://blah | http://blahblahblah |
| | | |240sx,180sx,silva |
| http://blah2blah2 |

And so on. Multiple models and/or trannys per layout and per model or
maybe different adapters using same layout for different models.
This is how I was gonna set this up on my site, But I never got a good
enough connection for such an endevour. The database backed up website
is a no brainer.

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Re: [EVDL] [seva] Local machine shops? (Adapter plate database?)
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