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Re: [EVDL] [seva] Re: Why is the Nissan Leaf so heavy?

Well, modern electronics (compared with 10 years ago) should actually weigh
LESS and not more. I know that the EV1 had airbags, and so it had a fair
amount of safety equipment back then.

-- Larry

Jim Adcock <[email protected]> wrote:

> >Or am I off base here? [Comparing Leaf weight to EV1 weight]
> If you study the history of vehicle safety requirements placed on all
> vehicles by the EPA -- and how much those safety requirements weigh -- you
> will find that that alone is enough to explain the weight difference
> between
> the Leaf and the EV1. Not to mention all those techie goodies designed
> into
> the Leaf that makes one feel life one is sitting inside an iPad.
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