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Re: [EVDL] Shawn Lawless on "Speed Records" uploaded to YouTube

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Re: [EVDL] Shawn Lawless on "Speed Records" uploaded to YouTube


Thank you very much for putting this up. As it was scheduled to show
at 10:30 and went on at 10 alot of my family missed it. Anyway, it was
great to be on the first segment right after "Wind Tunnel". Amazing how
they put that 1 hr of chaos into 4 minutes of airtime! Due to the
editing there were a few things that didn't make total sense to the EV
Geek in me but I think it was a very positive pc for EV drag racing.
If anyone out there liked the show, please support it by going to the
Speed Channel's "Launch Hour" website and send the producer an email or
drop a line on the show's forum page under "Speed Records". They use
this to decide whether or no to keep the show on the air.

Still bumbed I couldn't make the Nationals. Sounds like it was a GREAT
event. Where can I get the T-shirt?

Shawn Lawless

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