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Re: [EVDL] Should the EVDL be used to pitch an EV business to iinvestors?

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Re: [EVDL] Should the EVDL be used to pitch an EV business to iinvestors?

Hi Folks,

This is an internal list business matter and some folks (including one who
posted in this thread) are likely to consider it noise. That's why I
oriignally asked for responses OFF THE LIST at my private email address.

Regrettably (and I suppose inevitably), one person responded by just hitting
reply, which turned it into a thread. Hey, these things happen. ;-)

I really do appreciate the comments, but two things :

(1) The question is about PITCHING INVESTORS for a business on the EVDL, not
about advertising. Sorry if I didn't word it clearly enough. The issue of
advertising EV-related products here is kind of settled. It already has
guidelines, and they seem to work fairly well. See point 3 on this page :

(2) Please send your comments about the above matter to me OFF LIST rather
than continuing this off topic discussion on the list. My private email
address may be found at the bottom of this page :

Or simply concatenate the mailname evist and the domain name evdl ddoott
oorrgg, removing the obvious letter doubling and adding the proper

Again, I appreciate the comments, but please let's end the public thread so
as not to make the EVDL signal to noise ratio any worse.



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