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Re: [EVDL] Silent Shadow motor experiment failed. Shaft drive 3.5 toone ratio.


I don't know the wheel circumference and your speed uphill,
but I am guessing that the motor was doing less than 1500RPM
so without additional cooling (blower) the motor is lugging
uphill and generating way too much heat for the restricted
cooling at these low RPMs.
The 3.5 reduction sounds fine for a Freeway vehicle that has
to do well beyond 100 MPH, but for city driving and in
particular for San Francisco hill climbing it is unsuited.

I think one of your previous bikes failed initially burnign up the
motor because it was geared with way too low reduction until you
put a *large* sprocket on the rear wheel.
I think this vehicle is suffering from the same problem and
in addition too little (forced) cooling. =

(Of course I could be mistaken if you run tiny wheels, you
did not provide enough info to calculate RPMs)


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-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behal=
f Of Lawrence Rhodes
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 11:31 PM
To: Electric Vehicle Discussion List
Subject: [EVDL] Silent Shadow motor experiment failed. Shaft drive 3.5 toon=
e ratio.

John Husted was kind enough to provide me with a Yale Forklift motor that i=
s 8 inch in diameter. I zipped up a couple=
of hills with the 3.5 to one gear ratio shaft drive and it's as smooth as =
they come.It had good power. Maybe a third of a mile of EV grin=
andsteady powerful climbing when I came to a halt at a stop sign I hear=
d snap, crackle, sizzle and pop along with smoke. I coasted home and put=
her up. A15 minuteslater the motor body was too hot to touch. =
The next day I went up one hill with a volt meter keeping it to 36v. The=
motor heated up and slightly smoked. I couldn't see the smoke but a nei=
ghbor and motorcycle rider did. He got his face close. I was in the sadd=
le. Jim and I thought the Yale was massive enough to be a good heat sink=
. Well no. Probably wound wrong. So the experiment failed in my op=
inion. So I'm looking for a K91 ADC motor used. If anyone has one ple=
ase let me know what you'd like for it. I think I can bolt it right in.=
My other option is to have Jim perform surgery on an 8 inch ADC reducin=
g the length so I can fit it into the bike. Below is a working shaft dri=
ve bike comuter. The owner states the motor can get hot. So maybe the=
other part of the experiment is showing that the shaft drive ratio is not =
good for this kind of conversion unless you have a massive heatsink or live=
on level ground. I think the Vision owner lives in Santa Rosa. It's =
a flat valley mostly. IfLarry gets this what is the final ratio of=
your shaft driveVision? What kind of riding do you do? Anybody else =
have a successful shaft drive motorcycle at around a 3.5 to one ratio.So=
me have used Jack shafts which I want to avoid. All that being said I reall=
y like the one gear solution using shaft drive. I like it alot and there=
has to be some solution. White Zombie uses a massive motor as well a=
s Killacycle. Need I go to two motors? How do I fit it in? Lawrenc=
e Rhodes. Yamaha Vision which uses a K91.

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