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Re: [EVDL] SINCLAIR C5 C-5 ELECTRIC VEHICLE CAR, for sale on ebay by the 29th current

That's item 230174452543
--- Geopilot <[email protected]> wrote:

> this is not mine. I am just forwarding the info i
> saw on ebay so don't
> email me about it.
> on ebay
> item number 30174452543
> ebay by the 29th
> currently at $199 in virginia
> The Sinclair C5 electric car! I bought it new from
> England and had it
> shipped over in the late 1980's. Used it for years
> and put it way 15
> years ago. I added 1 of the 2 option rear view side
> mirrors for the
> picture. I did install the optional horn back in the
> 80's. Been garaged
> kept all this time. It does have some scuff marks
> that can me elbow
> muscle cleaned. It does use a wheel chair battery
> that can be recharged.
> I do not have the battery. When I purchased it, I
> had to clip the
> battery end wires to make it work correctly with USA
> batteries. I do not
> have the key to the trunk, but it opens easy. There
> is no reason why it
> should not work, but I can not guarantee it. It is
> being sold as is!
> This is a collectors item. This C5 must be either
> picked up or find a
> way to have it shipped to you. I do not have a box
> for it. If you can
> find a freight company to come to my house and pick
> it up, fine! I do
> have the top dust cover for it also. I have the
> original back Sinclair
> tires, that I had replaced when I bought it. If you
> have any questions
> feel free to write me.
> _______________________________________________
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