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Re: [EVDL] Soot and Spin: Two Plug-in Paradoxes

Interesting discussion.
I think the LAT and other outlets completely missed the most important car at Tokyo - the Toyota 1/x

This car (admittedly no knowledge of how close to production - 3? 5 years? never?) is the hypercar that Amory Lovins
started pushing for years ago. It combines new manufacturing techniques and new materials to get the mass down to a
level where energy efficiency is reasonable.

As for the stop-and-go pollution of the PHEVs, it wouldn't be a problem in my driving cycle if I had the Volvo shown at
the Frankfurt show (about halfway down)

I would do my daily driving under 100% battery power, and only use the ICE for out-of-town. And the GHG are reduced
greatly no matter what your cycle.


Marc Geller wrote:
> Soot and Spin: Two Plug-in Paradoxes
> _______________________________________________
> For subscription options, see

For subscription options, see
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