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Re: [EVDL] ! take 2

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Re: [EVDL] ! take 2

My suggestion is for Every EV affirmative person to write a little =

HANDWRITTEN note to their state and federal reps, governors and =

President for Valentines day. Handwritten, because they rate highest in =

credibility. the Message? your own words are the best but "equal rights
for all EVs" or If "we" hadn't tinkered you wouldn't HAVE an alternativ=
e to foreign oil" or "read my bumpersticker [powered by U.S. Electrons]" or=
something better please!! If it doesn't read like a boilerplate lett=
er, it also has more impact.
Declaring this post off topic is treasonous to EVs and Un Patriotic!

I don't shop where I can't charge.
NEDRA has possibilities; also the EAA and even the EVAA as you mentioned.
The problem is that all of these groups are highly specialized. They =

appeal to a small sliver of EV drivers, and so do not represent the =

majority of EV drivers. No organization does!

Similarly, when Ford and GM wrote the rules for charging EVs in the 1997 =

NEC, they made sure it required their own proprietary charging systems. =

Technically, almost all of our home charging installations violate code! =

It's only because the code is so poorly
enforced that we can get away =

with it.

But what's going to happen if GM or Nissan decides that home EVs are =

threating their EV business? They will lobby for tighter enforcement of =

these existing codes. We're going to hear fear mongering, and loud calls =

(with big campaign contributions) to ban anything but "approved" =

charging. And, they will make darned sure that hobby EVs can't use =

"their" chargers.

What I fear is that some law will be pushed through, under the radar, =

that effectively bans home-built and small company EVs. It will be a =

fact before the EV community even starts to respond. By then, it may be =

too late! It would take millions of dollars of lobbying and a major =

concerted effort of thousands of people to change it!

-- =

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814 8th Ave N | Forget the perfect offering
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leeahart | That's how the light gets in -- Leonard C=


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