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Re: [EVDL] temperature gauge for solder pot (WAS: Re: creeping resistance at the cabl

There are several considerations I do not use 50/50 PLUMBING solder .
my choice is 60/40 electronic solder of 63/37 eclectic solder as is used in
assembling computers. And the temperature we use with either of those is 450
degrees F. as different mixtures melt at different temperatures. the
convenient check for 450 Deg. is a piece of clean paper, dipped into the
molten solder it should brown like toast but not burst into flame. when
dipping do not dip for more than about 5 seconds or the solder will wick up
into the wire and when it cools the wire will be stiff not flexible and
cause extra strain on the connections and may contribute to loosening of the
bolted join and failure. (I used to teach electronics and soldering and some
of my graduates worked for the contractor who built the electronic controls
for the Main rocket engine on the Space Shuttles, they assembled and
soldered the circuit boards. Those were 80286 based computers .. Ah, that
era has ended!)
*Dennis Lee Miles* (Director) *E.V.T.I. inc*.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM <> *(Adviser)*
EVTI-EVAEducation Chapter
The "Stone Age" didn't end because they ran out of Stones;
It ended because they started using their Brains !

Chuck Hursch <[email protected]> wrote:

> On 6/23/2009 9:57 AM, Lee Hart wrote:
> >>> This is why I suggested dip soldering them in a solder pot.
> >
> > Chuck Hursch wrote:
> >> Ok, I'll have to look up dip soldering, and see what that
> >> entails...
> >
> > I have an American Beauty solder pot. Basically, it's a 1-cup cast iron
> > cup, with a heating element and a temperature control knob. You can also
> > use the little solder pots that gun reloaders use to make lead shot.
> >
> > To get good results, you'll need a way to measure its temperature. An
> > oven thermometer will work (but don't use your wife's :) Too cold, and
> > the cold terminal will instantly freeze the lead or solder when you dip
> > it. Too hot, and it overheats the wire and damages the insulation. Mine
> > is set for 550 deg.F with 50/50 tin/lead solder in it. It takes a 5
> > second dip to solder a terminal to a 2/0 cable.
> >
> Most of the oven gauges I've seen are probably too big to put in a
> solder pot, as I remember them. Is that what you in fact do to measure
> the temp on your pot? Drop the gauge in the pot, drop the lid on top,
> turn on pot, cook gauge, peek in under lid after ten minutes? Once I
> have the pot from eBay, I would only have a few days to return it if it
> couldn't attain the desired temperature (550 degF). Otherwise, I would
> have an expensive doorstop.
> Yeah, missed out on the first one I tried to bid on on eBay, back about
> the time this thread was going. Now am back to looking on eBay.
> Bidding appears to be an art in itself.
> Chuck
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