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Re: [EVDL] Tesla mileage (was Solectria Sunrise Boston)

Speaking as someone who lives in the area, I can point out that two of
the trips mentioned have significant downhill sections: North Lake Tahoe
(Donner Pass) is at about 7000' while San Carlos is virtually at sea
level. Having made that trip numerous times, gas mileage is much better
the direction they went vs. going from San Carlos to NLT.

Also, the trip from Saratoga Gap to San Carlos has about a 2,000' drop
in it. But they mention "commuting" so maybe that includes round trips.

On the other hand, the round trip from Woodside to San Gregorio beach
(being round trip) is a wash; it does contain very steep hills and being
very twisty in places would be a blast to drive with a car that handles
well and has good acceleration.

I can only imagine what they mean when they refer to "aggressive
driving" on I-280. The speed limit is 65, but I get run over doing 75;
many folks routinely do 80 and the people I'd call "aggressive" are
doing 90. Driving like that, there are undoubtedly numerous
accelerations from 65 to 80+ as one works one's way through "knots" of

If a conversion got the 50-60% of the mileage (over the same courses)
they report, we'd be home free.


David Nelson wrote:
> On 10/23/07, Lee Hart <[email protected]> wrote:
> > > And the Tesla's range was not lowered to 200 miles, it was lowered to
> > > over 200 miles. And I mean "was," because the new range has already
> > > been announced, officially, as per EPA testing: 235 miles on the
> > > highway and 255 in the city, 245 combined.
> >
> > I don't believe the EPA has tested a Tesla. All we have are the company's own projections.
> Here is a quote from which give more
> than projections. I'd call these real world numbers. Furthermore the
> certified EPA testing was done by
> ======Quote======
> The EPA range was a key benchmark for the Tesla Roadster, but more
> telling was the range in real world conditions. In recent months we
> used VP cars to demonstrate a variety of real-world drives that
> fully-discharge the battery. These trips highlight how the mileage
> will vary based on driving style and other factors, but also
> demonstrate that real-world range of >200 miles can be achieved
> repeatedly. (If you live in Northern California, you may be familiar
> with some of these locations.)
> * 267 miles of conservative urban driving in the suburbs around
> San Carlos (a best-case scenario)
> * 230 miles from North Lake Tahoe to San Carlos with two occupants
> plus luggage
> * 227 miles of highway cruising on the I-5 freeway, south of Stockton
> * 222 miles including sporty driving from San Carlos to Santa Cruz
> via the hilly Skyline Blvd, and highway cruising from Santa Cruz to
> San Carlos via Hwy 1, San Francisco, and US 101
> * 213, 209 and 203 miles of highway cruising with A/C using I-280,
> Hwy 85 and US 101
> * 186 miles of aggressive driving on I-280 and the round trip from
> Woodside to San Gregorio Beach via Hwy 84
> * 165 miles of impatient commuting, aggressive stops and starts,
> high speeds, and air conditioning on from Saratoga Gap to San Carlos
> via Hwy 9, Hwy 85 and I-280 (a worst-case scenario)
> =======end quote=========

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