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Re: [EVDL] the right is finally right

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Re: [EVDL] the right is finally right

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right left, i dont really care, when i think right i think of my right hand
and left my left, as far as congress right is the right side of the room
left in the other side, i dont pay attention to who is sitting where.

anyway I was just thinking if we could get congress to really boost electric
cars then america would actually come back on top of the world if our
economy turned away from petroleum in general. electric cars are here and
there is already a transition underway, we would still need oil for other
products. we then could start getting the oil we need for other products
from things such as algae.

the other countries that rely on oil would then drown in the high prices. of
course they will fall once we move away from oil but as the world goes the
oil consumption will go back up past todays levels and america will be
smiling as the other countries that do not use renewable energy struggle
with the new peak in oil production that happens again in the future
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