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Re: [EVDL] There are _many_ good EV suppliers too

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Re: [EVDL] There are _many_ good EV suppliers too

Per ElectroAutomotive (EA), I obtained a VoltsRabbit kit from them in
1994, installed it, and it has performed quite well as the basis for my
EV since then. I did have the controller (Curtis 1221B) fail after a
year, but Mike Brown bent over backwards to try and resolve the issue
(they got me a new 1231C direct from Curtis PMC for about $900; that
controller has been happy as a clam in the 14 years since). Yes, I've
found EA to be hard to get a hold of, but generally the interactions
I've had with them have been satisfactory. I think the only time I
didn't get resolution was for a defective meter. I returned it to them
asking for my money (~$90) back, but I never received it. This was
about 1995. I decided to let it ride. I'm not out to battle small EV
businesses for small amounts - I realize it's a tough go for them,
although with less cash flow these days on my part, I might be a tougher

I recall the angst going on with EA responsiveness as long as I have
been doing the EV thing, which basically extends back to 1992-3. There
were a number of people I had contact with that had a lot of gripes
about EA customer service (or lack thereof). On the other hand, a
number of folks did quite well with them. It may in part depend on the
type of personality you have. The small EV biz scene has a lot of
"personality factor" to it. How do you rub each other?, so to speak.

Another factor, and I suspect this has a lot to do with it, is that
people are getting older. Mike Brown appears quite healthy on the front
page of that ConvertIt book, which would have been vintage late 80s /
early 90s. He appeared that way pretty much up through the mid-90s.
But I think I saw him again at one of the SVEAA rallies at Stanford late
'90s / 2000-1. His hands were trembling, and it looked like he had aged
greatly. It really looked like Parkinson's or something. The contrast
was somewhat shocking. Given that, I'm amazed he has been able to
continue this long, and still post to the EVDL on many occasions, and
give his classes. But the health factor may be a large part of the
current situation. EA may not be able to keep going with their current
staffing. That said, it certainly does not exempt them from getting
customers product or returning their money.

That's my 2 bits,

Bill Dube wrote:
> All this is really sad to hear. They have supplied a lot of kits to a
> lot of folks in the past. I think they started up about 20 years ago.
> I wonder what has changed recently, since they were quite good in the past.
> Again, it is really sad to hear that folks are not getting the parts
> they have paid for. I feel very lucky that this has never been my
> personal experience.
> Let me list a few the EV parts suppliers that I have dealt with
> personally over the years and had 100% satisfaction with:
> EVParts <>
> KTA Services <>
> Manzanita Micro <>
> Kelly Controllers <>
> EVolve Electrics <>
> Ebikes (Cycle Analyst SOC meter) <>
> Jim Husted (Motor magician) <>
> This is only a _partial_ list of the many great folks I have dealt
> with, but I wanted to let you know that the good guys far outnumber
> the "problem" vendors for EV parts. I think it is important that you
> all hear about the many many folks that have made the effort to
> provide good customer service.
> Bill D.
> Bill D.
> At 10:09 AM 10/25/2010, you wrote:
>> Also, as a somewhat related note:
>> Electro Automotive has an F rating (the worst rating they give out) at the
>> Better Business Bureau. It bears consideration that one should be very
>> careful who they do business with. BBB is one place you can check to see how
>> a business is doing. It's also good to ask on a list like this if you aren't
>> sure about a business. But, that's water over the bridge for you.
>> Best of luck to you.
Collin Kidder <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> If it has come to that then sue them in your local court. It won't be small
>>> claims court I wouldn't think as you must be out more than the cap. You can
>>> sue in your local court even if a business is not local. It's their problem
>>> to send a representative on their behalf. Hopefully it does not come to
>>> this.
>>> I doubt that ElCon has anything to do with what is going on. I've dealt
>>> with the people at Zivan USA and they are very prompt.
>>> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Buddy Mills <[email protected]> wrote:
>>>> On 9/28/10 Richard Hamje wrote:...To get my charger, I sent them a
>>>> registered letter via USPS with return receipt, threatening legal action
>>>> (which I was prepared to follow through on).
>>>> I too am at the point where I need some outside action. Has anyone on the
>>>> listserve taken legal action against Electro Automotive before? How did
>>>> you
>>>> go about it since it is a mail order type business and the physical
>>>> locally
>>>> is not close? Should I include ELCOM in this action? I have not
>>>> contacted
>>>> my lawyer yet because I want to get some more information and was hoping
>>>> it
>>>> would not come to this. I realize that it will most likely cost me more
>>>> than the charger is worth but at this point it is the principle. If you
>>>> would rather, please email me off the list.
>>>> Buddy Mills
>>>> [email protected]
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