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Re: [EVDL] This video a MUST SEE..... sorry I missed it on CBSSunday Morning


About seven paragraphs down into this web page under Step 1: and Step 2:
are instructions on how to download free software to download the video
onto your computer and burn a DVD.
l I wanted to try this out but ran out of time. I have not tried these
programs and do not know if they are safe and virus free.


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I saw this too and want to share it with My chapter
EAA does anyone know how to get a DVD of it? I can't
get my computer to make one. Meeting is not till the
25th if any one can make a DVD of this and send it to
me either electronically or via mail I would
appreciate it.

--- Steven Lough <[email protected]> wrote:

> CBS Sunday Morning a while back had a 10 minute SPOT
> on the Rosy Future
> of the Electric Cars... It is a MUST SEE... It
> brought tears to my eyes.
> And nothing has done that since I saw the "early
> first" trailor to
> "Who Killed the Electric Car" and Chelsea tearing up
> at the mock funural
> for the EV1...two years ago.....
> This LINK, again Thanks to Felix, and the CalCars
> News FEED.
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