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Re: [EVDL] Toyota breaks China dependency w/ efficient cheaper lighter electromagnet

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Re: [EVDL] Toyota breaks China dependency w/ efficient cheaper lighter electromagnet

Hmmmm. Induction motors eh... those haven't been around for 100 years... I
actually have one in my EV already....

And, why would I be worried about limited supplies of rare earth metals
being a problem for electric cars if I don't worry about the limited
supplies of oil being a problem for ICE cars. It seems somewhat like a
scare tactic against electric cars, and not a very well thought out one for
anyone with a brain.


On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 10:24 PM, bruce parmenter <[email protected]>wr=

> Toyota Tries to Lessen Dependence on China
> By David Silver Jan 14 2011 ... for its rare earth metals ... about
> a kilogram ... of a rare earth metal neodymium is used in every Toyota
> Prius. Almost all of the neodymium produced and refined today comes
> out of China. The auto industry uses approximately 40% of all the
> neodymium produced, and prices have skyrocketed ...
> Toyota is attempting to develop an induction motor ... that uses
> electromagnets ... General Motors (GM) ... is already trying to
> develop an induction motor, while Continental AG ... one of the
> largest auto parts suppliers in the world said it already has an
> induction motor that will be used in an electric vehicle next year in
> Europe.
> Prices for rare earth metals have been extremely volatile, but if the
> world's automakers can find an alternative to using neodymium without
> sacrificing any power or performance, it will take a great deal of the
> demand out of the rare earth metal. Prices would then fall. I assume
> that other industries that use rare earth metals (cell phones,
> computers, etc.) are also looking for alternatives to lessen their
> dependence on Chinese rare earth metals. []
> ...
> ... (UKPA) =96 Jan 17 2011 Toyota is developing a new type of electric
> motor to cut its dependence on rare earth metals and lower costs, a
> company spokesman said ... The new technology will help free the
> world's leading carmaker from relying on China, which produces 97% of
> the global output of rare earth metals needed for many high-tech
> products ... it made sense for companies that make high-tech
> products to be developing alternatives, given trade uncertainties with
> China. Japan has also actively pursued deals around Asia to develop
> alternative sources ...
> [=A9 2011 The Press Association. All rights reserved.]
> ...
> Toyota Is Developing Electric Motors That Don=92t Need Rare Earth Metals
> Jan 17 2011 ... induction motors=97not requiring rare earth metals=97
> can offer higher efficiency and durability than permanent-magnet
> motors, according to Michael Duoba, a research engineer with Argonne
> National Laboratory in Argonne.
> In addition, Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota=92s executive vice president for
> research and product development, told Bloomberg that Toyota is
> developing efficient, cheaper, lighter motors, along with advanced
> batteries and power electronics, as electric propulsion becomes
> increasingly important to the company and the auto industry. In 2012,
> Toyota will sell the RAV4 EV compact sport-utility electric vehicle
> with an induction motor supplied by Tesla Motors. That battery, and
> the one used in the Tesla Roadster and future Model S sedan, use a
> similar motor without rare-earth materials.
> ... China currently accounts for about 97 percent of the world's
> production of rare earth minerals, which are used in wind turbines and
> smart phones, as well as hybrid and electric cars.
> [=A92011]
> ...
> Toyota Searches for a Way Out of the Rare Earth by Kent Bernhard, Jr.
> Jan 17 2011 Toyota doesn=92t want to be dependent on China for raw
> materials in its next generation of cars ...
> [=A9 2011 American City Business Journals. All rights reserved.]
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