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Re: [EVDL] TS and alota Other Stuff

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Re: [EVDL] TS and alota Other Stuff

Bob Rice wrote:
> Good on ya, Jukka! IF you can get Thunder Sky to clean up their act.
> I think you have that in mind? We NEED a power source that will be
> competitive with Led Acid.

Let's hope so! Chinese businesses deliver only as much quality and
performance as their customers demands. If their customer is a US
company that only demands low price -- then he gets no performance and
no quality.

The situation won't change until US consumers have the backbone to say,
"This is junk! I demand a product that works, or my money back!"

> ANYBODY anywhere doing less than a hundred bux for T105 Equilivents?

Sam's Club still has Exides for about $75 each. They are not as good a
battery as the Trojans or USBs, but OK for a learner pack.

> Guyz this is highway robbery! Whatthehell, with the number of battery
> builders countable on the fingers of one hand, they can do what they
> like, price wise, I'm not even mentioning the Olympics and sealed
> units of that type. Just crappy, entry level, training wheels, type
> dumb Golf Carts!

Remember "A Christmas Car", the story I wrote about ten years ago, in
which the oil industry was buying up all the alternative battery
technologies, and getting lead banned as a dangerous toxin to get all
the hopeful EV batteries off the market? Sometimes truth is stranger
than fiction! :-(

Ring the bells that still can ring
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There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in -- Leonard Cohen
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