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Re: [EVDL] Unfair & unreasonable EV taxation is just plain stupid

The problem I have is they claim it is for road maintenance. If that
is the case, why is it that other vehicles which use an alternate
fuel, like If I had purchased a CNG Honda, are taxed differently. I'm
going to be taxed $100 for a 829lb town vehicle. At the moment I think
I'm the only one with a LiFePO4 battery pack in a Gizmo. Before this
pack the most I drove it was 2364 mi/year and most years were just
over 1000 miles. So I get penalized for driving a vehicle which does
little to no damage to the roads, drives a relatively short distance
each year (last year was 5300miles) and does not have any tailpipe
emissions. I have to drive my Corolla 8800 miles and my Honda Insight
16,000 miles to have paid that same $100. Telling me to drive my Gizmo
more is just plain silly. Taxing an EV differently than any other
vehicle which uses a non-road tax fuel is a form or legalized theft
and it is wrong. This Washington law is being shoved through while the
number of EV owners is relatively small so it gets little opposition.
Just because one politician said a $100 tax on an EV wouldn't change
whether he bought one or not doesn't make it OK to unfairly tax
others. This is much bigger of an issue than affecting the adoption of

It would be much more fair if the tax was based on the class of
vehicle at a minimum and possibly on the range of the vehicle or size
of the battery pack. It may cost too much to implement a tax based on
miles driven but that could be an option, too.

David D. Nelson

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