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Re: [EVDL] Unfair & unreasonable EV taxation is just plain stupid

>Question is, what are you doing about it?

EVangel mode on ...
Even before I posted this item, I planned to send a message to all my State
and Fed Gov Representatives,
as well as the Fed contacts for the 1 Million EV program: (paraphrasing what
has already been posted)

The EV tax WA and OR Government officials are considering is just plain
unfair & unreasonable.
EVs are not the heavy weights that do the most damage of tearing up roads.
EV drivers are willing to pay their 'fair' share, but road maintenance
taxation should be based on vehicle weight and annual-mileage-driven.

A simpler and more fair way to recoup road maintenance costs is to focus on
a tax for both new and
recap tires designed for heavy weight vehicles.

Don't make the mistake of touting yourself as green while sporting an
"EV-tax black-eye".
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