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Re: [EVDL] US News & World Reports Attacks EV's.

I don't buy that people do this type of math. If they did, nobody would
ever buy a new car. The costs of buying and maintaining a used car in good
shape is almost always cheaper than buying the equivalent new car. Yet,
people still buy new cars; by the millions. I think people buy the new cars
because it provides some sort of need to prove something; success,
importance, sex appeal, what have you.

We just need to harvest this same sort of "don't bother with the math"
coolness factor with EVs.


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This is a simple concept, but one that seems to be escaping you... so let me
explain. The author is speaking from a strictly financial standpoint. The
purchaser has to pay X amount of dollars as a premium on initial purchase in
order to buy the electric car over a similar gas powered car. The purchaser
can expect a certain amount of savings every year in fuel costs, so how may
years will it take for the purchaser to save their money back? If the
purchaser buys the car at a $15000 premium and saves $1500 per year in fuel
costs then it is a 10 year break even point. It's a "take the emotions out
and do the math" type of argument and could be a large factor in how
consumers make their decision. If you don't think so perhaps you should
consider a hypothetical scenario that was just the opposite. How quickly do
you think EV's would catch on if you could purchase an EV for half the money
of a Petrol powered equivalent plus you got the reduced fuel costs?

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