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Re: [EVDL] Was Re: Cold weather operation of an EV, now cold & Leaf

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Re: [EVDL] Was Re: Cold weather operation of an EV, now cold & Leaf

"As a result, I don't think anybody really knows how the car will perform on
a freeway at 65 mph in the winter with the heater on full blast."
I can tell you that my Suzuki Swift with similar drag, less weight, and
about 20% smaller battery pack (18 sq ft, 0.32 coeff, 2250 lb, 20.76kWh)
gets about 17% lower range at 60 mph with the heater on. That is a 3kW
heater, two 1500W ceramic heaters mounted side by side in place of the old
core, which draws about 26A from the nominal 115V pack. Range sans heater
for 50%/50% driving at 35/60 mph is about 75 miles, and about 60 miles at 60
mph, roughly, on "flat" terrain. I would guess
the Leaf heater is more powerful but don't know. Last year I had only one
ceramic heater which put out only about 1200W, and blew out cool air when it
was less than about 35 F outside. The new one has heated the car well, but
I've only driven in temps down to about 28 F so far this year. It is much
hotter and has much better air flow than the previous heater. I think the
Wheego LiFe will get its advertised range of 100 mile since it has a pack of
36 260Ah cells, or about 30kWh, and is a very small, light car. Now if they
could just get the price down to about $25k...
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