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Re: [EVDL] Was Re: Cold weather operation of an EV, now cold & Leaf

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Re: [EVDL] Was Re: Cold weather operation of an EV, now cold & Leaf

Bob Bath wrote: =

> As a result, I don't think anybody really knows how the car =

> will perform on a freeway at 65 mph in the winter with the =

> heater on full blast. Do remember that the Nissan has an AC =

> unit, which will dehumidify the cabin.

I expect you are correct that the average temperature for the LA4 drive cyc=
le is 14C.

I don't have data for the Leaf, but Mitsubishi presented data for the iMiEV=
at the AABC 2010 conference in the spring. The average temp for their LA =
testing (Nov '08-Aug '09) was around 16-17C.

The iMiEV also has both a heater and A/C, and data was presented for testin=
g in Ann Arbor MI as well as LA. Interestingly, use of the heater has a fa=
r more significant impact on driving range than does the A/C.

During Feb '09 in Ann Arbor, the average temp was below 0C, and use of the =
heater appears to have decreased the iMiEV range to about 50% of normal. I=
n LA, the months with greatest A/C use showed the range decreasing to about=
80-85% of normal.

I would be surprised if Nissan doesn't also have a very good idea of how th=
e Leaf will perform, though it may be difficult to get that information fro=
m them ;^>



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