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Re: [EVDL] Washington State Senate Bill 5251 was Feb 8th SEVA Meeting - Very IMPORTAN

Hi Steve,
This is the second email I have seen this morning from a fellow Washington EVr in regards to this and painting it in a negative light. I have not actually looked up the bill myself and was not aware of it until these two emails, so I'm in no way enlightened yet.
I'm wondering why the automatic opposition. I don't see anything terribly unreasonable about a flat rate tax for EV's of $100 annual. Many of the alternatives would spook me a lot worse, and it is clear that without buying gas, you are not paying your fair share for the roads. In fact you could even look at it as an incentive to drive your EV more! Well, I paid the tax so I might as well make it worth my money :) All David Nelson has to do to keep from paying 5 cents a mile is drive 10,000 miles instead of 5000.
I personally do not mind paying for the roads I drive on. I do a lot of hiking in our beautiful outdoors, and I'm always amazed that the pioneers were able to get themselves here on trails instead of roads.

> Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 09:03:01 -0800
> From: [email protected]
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: [EVDL] Feb 8th SEVA Meeting - Very IMPORTANT
> This is going to be one of the most IMPORTANT SEVA meetings in years !
> On the Top of the List... Elections of Officers.
> Our Treasurer is stepping down due to a Promotion where he works, and a
> change of his Work Schedules.
> Secondly, the formulation of a formal response to the much talked about
> Washington State Senate Bill 5251 taxing ALL electrics a FLAT $!00. is
> a MUST. All the good ideas have been discussed thanks to Jeff Finn and
> many others.
> 1. Too early to over burden early adopters with a regressive Tax on
> their registration
> 2. Fees for small EV's, scooters, NEV,s and inexpensive Home Conversions
> should be minimal
> 3. A sliding scale, on either Cost of the vehicle, or the Size of the
> battery pack OR Both should be adopted.
> 4. The ultimate would be a system based on the above Point #3, AND
> vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per year, with a quick and easy inspection
> at Emissions Stations or State Patrol offices round the state.
> 5. Other vehicles which should be included would be high-mileage
> Hybrids, and Plug-In Hybrids like the VOLT.
> And Lastly, if most folks do not already know, several members have
> taken delivery of the Nissan LEAF's and we truly hope that they will
> attend the meeting to share their first reactions to ownership.
> See you all there !!
> --
> Steven S Lough
> President: Seattle EV Associatin
> 206 524 1351
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