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Re: [EVDL] Washington State Senate Bill 5251 was Feb 8th SEVA Meeting - Very IMPORTAN

Peri Hartman wrote:

> So, to be a bit more specific with the numbers:
> At 37c/mile for the wash. state gas tax,
> - if you get 20mpg, that's 5333 miles to reach $100 in gas tax
> - if you get 50mpg (e.g. prius), that's 13333 miles to reach $100

My search (google 'washington state gasoline tax') turns up a total (state+federal) tax of $0.559/gal for gasoline and $0.619/gal for diesel in WA.

At 20mpg, that is 3577mi to reach $100 in gas tax revenue.

At 50mpg, that is 8944mi to reach $100 in gas tax revenue.

> I think most people would be hard pressed to drive an EV 13k
> miles per year, so paying a flat $100 is, in my opinion, too
> high. We only drive each of our two vechiles about 6k miles per year.

Don't forget that some of that $100 must go toward recovering the cost of administering a new tax.

I think you'll find that $100 is probably in the right ballpark, especially as EV ranges increase beyond what PbA conversions have typically achieved. I think you'll also find that a flat rate surcharge collected at the same time as you buy your tags will be the most efficient (economical) way for the gov't to collect a tax from the EVer.

Sure, there are theoretically fairer bases for taxing the EVs, but are you really going to feel that much better paying $110/yr because a fairer amount of tax for your vehicle is $80 instead of $100, but the costs associated with collecting that tax increase to $30/yr? ;^>



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