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Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

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Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

--- [email protected] wrote:

> I am seriously considering buying a turnkey E-beetle
> from Utah. Since I live in
> the great white north (about 500 miles north of
> Lee:)), I am very interested in
> keeping myself & the batteries warm and functional.
> I sent an email to the Uth
> group and received no reply.
> My question is how do you keep yourself warm
- Ceramic heater. One is passable for defrosting, and
marginal heating; two units are best. The will soak
up about 27 amps at 144V each.

> still get 30 to 40 mile range
> per day. Or does on put the ev in the garage until
> the warm weather arrives?
- Start with a high voltage & light car; eg. 144 or
better; Honda Civic?
- add battery heaters, and plug them to the wall
outlet in before you start your trip, or charge right
before the trip. Charging the batteries heats them a
- keep the car in an insulated garage in the first
place (my choice).
- increase the charger voltage (per manufacturer
specs) to make sure you always start with a full
- light foot on the accelerator!

By the way, FWIW, I've noticed that cold air from the
outside via window and a jacket keeps the windows from
getting fogged more than recirculating the warm air,
regardless of whether the ceramic heater is on.
Hope that helps!

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