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Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

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Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

Hello Alan,

At the Cross Road Caf=E9, where all the truckers stop before they trek to =

Alaska on the Ice Road for the winter, I talk to a lot of them about heatin=
g =

and pre heating systems. This I were I learn about the engine diesel =

heaters that range from 1000 watts to 2500 watts at either 120 volts or 240 =

volts. These unit are a long 2-foot long stainless tube that is about =

3-inches in diameter, that have a built in pump and thermostat unit that I =

use for my EV.

Most of these units have foam spray on the inside which is cover by snap on =

foam back uphoustery. A friend of mine who is about 85 years old, still =

goes up north to drive this trek.

It is best to make the battery boxes out of 1/4 inch sheet fiberglass you =

can get from a fiber glass company. You can get fiber glass 90 degree =

angles and cloth to assembly the corners and install a flange on top for a =

cover to set on. Put the smooth side towards the inside and glue on the =

foam or spray on the foam on the out side.

Coat the fiber glass with the epoxy kits that are use for re-finishing sink=
s =

and tubs, that you can get from hardware stores.

This summer we got up to 107 F in the shade and it read about 140 F or more =

in the sun. My battery temperature after setting about a hour out side in =

this temperature was only 79 degrees after coming from a 70 degree garage =

and going about 1 mile.


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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 6:59 PM
Subject: Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

> Roland,
> Have you ever watched that program on TV, I think it is called "Ice
> Road", where the truckers move supplies across an ice road in Alaska in
> the winter to get supplies to the diamond mines there. I am pretty sure
> you could teach them a thing or two (or 100). Being from the desert, I
> traveled to where there was ice, snow, and +17 degree F temps and was
> amazed at the difficulty one could get into without a lot of effort.
> To keep on topic, for a tiny EV to keep the batteries somewhat insulated
> in more moderate weather, could you use a very large ice chest with a
> fan for ventilation? It would be flammable, if plastic. Maybe
> expensive if the older aluminum or tin cased type?
> Alan
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> Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 5:32 PM
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> Subject: Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs
> Hello Harsha,
> I live in Montana, where it can get down to 35 below which my EV is
> design
> for a 120 degree temperature difference. It takes a lot of equipment,
> and I
> do not know if the E-beetle has the room or if it is possible to install
> a
> heating system that can work with a on-board DC or AC system and a off
> board
> pre heat heating system. My EV has both types of heating systems.
> The first thing I do, is to insulated the garage walls to 64 R factor,
> the
> ceiling to 120 R factor, and use a 19 R factor garage door with triple
> seals. There is two small windows that face the sunny side, which is 5
> layers of material which includes 2 panes of outside glass, 1 pane of
> inside
> glass with a 6 inch air space, a horizontal insulated blind, and a
> vertical
> blind, which is about 20 R factor and when its sunny, I have a heat
> gain.
> On the ceiling, I have 24 large diameter 100 watt lamps even space
> through
> out the ceiling which are control by six dimmer switches, a lighting
> contactor and a room line voltage thermostat. There is a ceiling fan
> the is
> also control by a built in thermostat if the ceiling temperature gets
> above
> 75 degrees.
> On board the EV, I use three 120 vac heaters. These are under dash
> convention air type with fans. The driver side is a 640 watt type, the
> passenger side is a 840 watt and then under the front hood, there is a
> 1000
> watt hot water heater with pump that is normally design for a semi
> truck.
> This heats the water that comes from a holding tank made out of a 3 inch
> diameter copper pipe that I had a radiator shop solder on a radiator
> cap.
> This tank also acts as a expansion tank.
> The water goes from the the heater, to a pump and to the existing heater
> core and back to the tank and then to the heater. I found, that I only
> need
> 50 degree water temperature to keep my wind shield clear, because I
> block
> the cold air ductwork that tempers the hot air from a engine, that could
> reach over 200 degrees.
> I use to have a Beetle at one time, which uses the hot air which goes
> through a heat exchanger at the engine. If this is the case with your
> Beetle, than you could install a underdash heater and tap into the
> heater
> ductwork.
> You could get by with one heater for direct convention in the driver
> compartment and one for putting heat in the duct to keep your windshield
> clear.
> Anytime the outside temperature is below 30 and way down to -30, I
> preheat
> the EV about 15 minutes before I go. I use a triple pole triple pole
> switch, (three position ON - Off - ON) 30 amp rated to selected between
> the
> on-board heater power, or out-board heater power which is tap off the 50
> amp
> main power plug with three 20 amp circuit breakers.
> The garage with its high R-factor, the EV is mostly at a temperature of
> 70
> degrees. The heaters preheat the EV for only about 15 minutes which
> will
> raise the inside temperature to 80 degrees or more. When it was about
> 30
> below, I could drive to my first destination, let it park for about an
> hour
> and it may still be about 50 degrees inside.
> Also the entire inside of the EV is insulation with 2 inches of blue
> foam
> and cover with a marine carpet. The battery boxes are cover with 2
> inches
> of foam, a 4 inch air space, another layer of 2 inch foam with each
> layer of
> foam cover with a marine carpet.
> The insulated battery box is under a gold tint lean glass hatch back
> that
> allows passive heat from the sun. At 30 below, during a sunny day, I
> had a
> battery temperature of about 80 degrees.
> The on board power to run these 120 vac 60 hz heaters, 120 vac pumps and
> fans come from two sources. One from a solid state DC-AC inverter rated
> at
> 5 kw that comes off the main battery pack. Made by the Dynamote Co. The
> other one is a alternator-inverter unit which can both provide 13.5 to
> 16
> volts at 145 amps and at the same time provide 7 kw at 110 VDC which is
> then
> inverted to 6 kw at 120 VDC which is also made by the Dynamote Co.
> These later alternator-inverter unit, will not fit into a Beetle. I
> could
> not use the inverter for this latter unit, because I did not have the
> room.
> The advantage I have in using the alternator-inverter unit even its only
> 7
> kw at 110 volts, It provides be with a braking regenerative when going
> on
> icy roads.
> You may even be able to convert a 120 vac 60 hz heater units by using
> the DC
> power from the batteries just to the heater elements, but you will have
> to
> change the fan motors to a 12 vdc source.
> Roland
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> Subject: [EVDL] Winter & EVs
> > I am seriously considering buying a turnkey E-beetle from Utah. Since
> I
> > live in
> > the great white north (about 500 miles north of Lee:)), I am very
> > interested in
> > keeping myself & the batteries warm and functional. I sent an email to
> the
> > Uth
> > group and received no reply.
> >
> > My question is how do you keep yourself warm and still get 30 to 40
> mile
> > range
> > per day. Or does on put the ev in the garage until the warm weather
> > arrives?
> >
> > regards
> > harsha godavari
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