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Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

I'm really interested in this thread.

The City El of course suffers just like any other car in the winter
but this year I have some Thundersky lithium Ions in her. When I
installed the pack I used some thermal 'space blanket' style
insulation on each of the three packs ( see
aminorjourney/sets/72157600628045492/ for pictures of the upgrade )
but I didn't install heating pads for the cells. BIG MISTAKE!

Since the average temperature has dropped from the high 20 degrees C
down to 15 degrees C my batteries have taken a big hit in performance
and the internal resistance has rocketed. The first few miles I tend
to try and get the batteries as hot as possible so that the car
doesn't get too rough a performance. Of course also recharging from
cold isn't that possible as the batteries won't accept charge so well.

So, I'm going to try and install some heating pads this week from RS
components. It'll mean removing all of the cells fom the car and re-
packaging them but at least then I'll have heating for the
batteries. The sort of pads I'm getting are here:
3xu3qw . 30 W of heating per four cells should be enough to keep the
cells from getting too cold.

I'm also wanting to introduce some form of mains heating for the car
as we're about to move house and the garage isn't big enough really
to store the City El (it's not long enough as it's just a mini-garage).

With those with heating what sort of performance drop do you get in
the winter even with heating?


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