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Re: [EVDL] Winter & EVs

I like your 'More Trees, Less Bush' sticker!
I have a 'Impeach Cheney' hat in my back window.
Looking at the photos I see three groups of Thundersky
batteries in the back. Is that all of your batteries
and how much do they weigh? what was your range at
--- Nikki Bloomfield <[email protected]>

> I'm really interested in this thread.
> The City El of course suffers just like any other
> car in the winter
> but this year I have some Thundersky lithium Ions in
> her. When I
> installed the pack I used some thermal 'space
> blanket' style
> insulation on each of the three packs ( see
> aminorjourney/sets/72157600628045492/ for pictures
> of the upgrade )
> but I didn't install heating pads for the cells. BIG
> Since the average temperature has dropped from the
> high 20 degrees C
> down to 15 degrees C my batteries have taken a big
> hit in performance
> and the internal resistance has rocketed. The first
> few miles I tend
> to try and get the batteries as hot as possible so
> that the car
> doesn't get too rough a performance. Of course also
> recharging from
> cold isn't that possible as the batteries won't
> accept charge so well.
> So, I'm going to try and install some heating pads
> this week from RS
> components. It'll mean removing all of the cells fom
> the car and re-
> packaging them but at least then I'll have heating
> for the
> batteries. The sort of pads I'm getting are here:
> 3xu3qw . 30 W of heating per four cells should be
> enough to keep the
> cells from getting too cold.
> I'm also wanting to introduce some form of mains
> heating for the car
> as we're about to move house and the garage isn't
> big enough really
> to store the City El (it's not long enough as it's
> just a mini-garage).
> With those with heating what sort of performance
> drop do you get in
> the winter even with heating?
> Nikki.
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