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Re: [EVDL] Wow! I drifted Tweety today…

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Re: [EVDL] Wow! I drifted Tweety today…

Ken, I herby award you membership of the mad EV drivers club....

It's great when we do things in our EVs that regular Joes don't =

expect eh? - Like this morning I passed a woman doing 50 on the local =

two-lane highway. The road has a 50 limit but she was doing about 35. =

( And my lil' City El only normally does about 43-45mph!)


[email protected] wrote:

> It really wasn=92t intentional, just one of those situational things.
> While on my way to work, I was sitting at a traffic light. There =

> was a
> car facing me in the opposite lane. I need to turn left. The light
> turns green and I am waiting for the on-coming car to go, but, he is
> just sitting there looking at me. I guess he is trying to figure out
> what this silly looking thing is. Now a car is approaching behind him
> and I know he is wondering why this guy is sitting at a green light.
> Then I notice the driver waving at me to go. I=92m thinking this is =

> just
> not right, but we are all just sitting here. So I decide to go =

> quickly
> so as not to force the on-coming driver to have to stop at the green
> light and besides, now there are cars behind me. Then I notice the
> on-coming car accelerating and apparently the driver of the stopped =

> car
> notices also so he starts to go. I=92m already out in the intersection,
> feeling a bit hurried, so I punch it just a little. The tire broke
> into a loud burnout and instantly, I am sideways. I quickly turn back
> to the right to prevent spinning like a top and now I=92m drifting
> sideways. I=92m thinking, =93Hey this is kinda fun! I notice that now I
> am face to face with a Mercedes that is stopped at the red light in =

> the
> opposite lane. I can plainly see the shock on his wide eyed face. I
> guess he can see my embarrassed face saying, =93Hey, I didn=92t really =

> mean
> it!=94 I continue the drift on around the Mercedes and lined up =

> centered
> in the right lane and drove on down the road as if nothing happened.
> It was a beautiful thing, although a bit embarrassing.
> Ken
> On another note: Does anybody know the best way to get in touch with
> Dick Brown? I think Tweety might be itching for a stiffer pack.
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