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Re: [EVDL] Zener regs: Can I get use 'em & still get a full charge?

Thanks, I could have worded that better. By limiting the charger output to
<0.5A the zener regs should bypass almost all the current, preventing
overcharge of already full batteries.

David Dymaxion wrote:

> Careful, Lee's Zener regs lessen charging current through the battery by
> up to
> 0.5 A, not limit it to 0.5 A. It makes overcharge less likely, but it
> can still
> occur. If you are blasting the batteries with 30 A, these regs will
> limit it to
> 29.5 A through the batteries.
> ... By
> limiting charge current near the end of charge to below 0.5A, zener regs
> will keep full batteries from overcharging (and ruining expensive AGMs)
> while the rest of the string finishes charging.

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