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re:few clarifications about LI ion technolgy

>Does li ion technology really deliver its promises ?

Yes and no, depends on the company

>I have chosen li-ions for my conversion
>I took a look at the A123 , Thundersky , Valence , they have but very
>cleverly hidden the prices and availability information from the sites

A123 seems to have gone OEM, But man do they have the best proven cell.
They have an RC division to get a hold of small quantities and you can always buy dewalt packs and take them apart.
A few here on the list have a relationship with them. They won't even return my emails or phone calls.

Someone here is testing PHET and I have talked with Aleees. Aleees seems very nice, will send any qty to anyone, last I talked to them

>What kind of costs should i keep in mind to assemble a 330v+ pack ?
The other dimension of a pack is it's Ah's

330V in LiFePo4(the safe,powerfull chemistry with the long cycle life) is about 104 cells in series
if useing A123's at only 2.3ah each you'd need 22 to get just over 50ah. This creates a 2288 cell pack of 330V*50.6 or about a 17kWH pack
which is good for about 50-60 miles range in a small sedan. The raw cell weight is only 353lbs(160kg) but the interconnectiong and balancing of that many cells is not trivial.
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