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Re: FW: NEDRA Nationals Raffle motor

Yes I think the online raffle tix is a great idea.

NEDRA already has a paypal account; I use it to pay for my membership. See the homepage.

I would suggest closing the online ticket sales at midnight the day before the event so that all of the online tix can be "put in the hat"! for the drawing which takes place at the event.

If this idea doesn't go..... and someone is going to the event that would agree to proxy for me, please respond offlist. I'll return the favor at the east coast events.

Stay Charged!

> -----Original Message-----
> From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On
> Behalf Of Jim Husted
> Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 11:13 PM
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: NEDRA Nationals Raffle motor
> Hey Chip, Brian, FT
> You boys got your ears on? This is (will be) NEDRA's
> motor to do as they see fit.
> Couple of issues to address though if it went to a
> don't have to be present to win raffle. One, it lets
> you lazy bums sit on the couch reading posts and not
> come out and have some fun, LMAO 8^P
> Another is, it'd have to end before the event so if
> the winner is present he doesn't have to wait and
> occur freight etc. Freight would have to come from
> winner or maybe NEDRA if they just raked in the bucks
> by the wheelbarrows 8^)
> And last, how to combine the online and present
> tickets and draw the winner. None of these are to big
> an issue but would need to be addressed and a NEDRA
> body would need to take charge of this.
> As stated, this could bring far more dollars in for
> NEDRA if they are into it. If this doesn't pan out
> for this event maybe I'll offer one later that could
> be an online only raffle as a thought.
> Hell I wish I had a motor this nice to play with 8^)
> EVery time I build one up some bastard comes along and
> takes it from me 8^(
> For those who say they never win anything though, I
> won an awesome Ebike that Brian Hall had brought up to
> raffle at the event last year 8^) Never know if you
> don't go 8^P
> Anyway thanks for the ideas and support! In fact no
> one from NEDRA has contacted me for this years
> sponsoring so I'm getting the cart in front of the
> horse being they're slow asses 8^o at least when they
> aren't on the track 8^)
> Cya
> Jim Husted
> Hi-Torque Electric
> --- Michael Barkley <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I'd certainly buy a ticket or two..... Not that I've
>> ever, ever won anything in my life, someone make
>> this
>> happen.
>> --- Rod Hower <[email protected]> wrote:
>> > I may have missed something in the emails flying
>> by,
>> > but why is this called a raffle motor? Is it only
>> > available to those that attend the event? If not,
>> > here's my suggestion.
>> > Set up a NEDRA paypal account for those that can't
>> > attend, but are willing to contribute $5 or so
>> bucks
>> > towards the raffle. There are hundreds of people
>> on
>> > this list, and I would think many would be willing
>> > to
>> > put up some cash to win one of your motors Jim.
>> > Time
>> > to expand the bidding?
>> > Maybe Chip Gribben or somebody that has internet
>> > skills could make this raffle much bigger and more
>> > exciting to the people on this list! Maybe we
>> could
>> > even have an extra check box like the DMV that
>> > contributes to John's bigger lithium pack?
>> > Thanks,
>> > Rod
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