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Re: Help! Zilla problems

That does sound strange as I thought the high voltage side was
opto-isolated from zilla to hairball.

When you say 56Volt short, do you mean that a meter probe from body
ground to pack ground reads 56V?

The zilla is a high side switcher. if you were getting current thru the
zila on the M+ line you would have rotation.

Do you have a main contactor? If it is not pulled in then removing the
M+ does no good.

The 56 Volts sounds like the typical acid tracking short. I have a 300V
pack of AGMS and still get that occasionally. Just wipeing down the
battery tops has cured that. I even use the voltmeter to find where it
is. My brand new pack had this problem. It turns out that being in close
proximity to all those floodies at the warehouse and in the truck
accross country must of coasted them with a fine mist that dried
conductive. What I thought was dust was dried acid spray? Lesson
learned, wipe them down on install.

I did have a problem with my zilla and although I never got it wet wet,
I had it mounted under the hood without a box and aparently the moisture
crept or aplashed in and damaged the 15V power supply. Otmar fixed it,
turning it around in a week or two. Great Service.

But I wonder about your wireing. It sounds like you used it only once?
You may have gotten something wrong that didn't show up until it pulled
in the main contactor. Did the main contactor drop out when you shut
down? did one of the contactor sense wires get mixed up with one of the
other wires and put 10V on the 12 volt line or some sensor line. Check
your low voltage wireing and make sure it is...low voltage.
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