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Re: Hybrid "gas" pedal

Mechanical throttle cables are getting less common all the time. They're going the way of the mechanical speedometer cable, the mechanical heater control valve cable, the mechanical distributor, etc. Many cars use them today. Some of those cars are bound to be cheap... ish cars and available in junk yards. Sounds like a good idea to integrate this technology to me.


---- Tehben Dean <[email protected]> wrote:

I believe that hybrid vehicles (at least the escape and I assume the
prius. Maybe even other new cars) are drive-by-wire and actually have
a potentiometer connected to the drive computer or whatever.
Can anyone confirm this?
Has anyone put one of these "gas" pedals from a hybrid in their EV?

just an idea...

'90 Toyota 4x4 Pickup
'hElix EV'
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