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RE: Hybrid "gas" pedal

Can anyone confirm this?
Has anyone put one of these "gas" pedals from a hybrid in their EV?

Many ICE cars are that way. Pretty much all highway trucks (and
diesel pickup trucks) have been that way since 1994. Detroit
Diesel has been electronic long before that.

Most of them consist of either dual or triple redundant pots,
or one pot and an idle / off-idle (DPST) switch. Sometimes
two pots and an idle switch. The triple pot gives the most
redundancy as a single failure can be isolated and a trusted
value generated. GM has done that for some time. The EV1 used
a triple pot as well.

I have not used one in an EV but I intend on it. I've written
ICE engine control software to use them, and at work we use
them on CNG vehicles all of the time (my day job).

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