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RE: Inspection Woes describing horsepower

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RE: Inspection Woes describing horsepower

It is important to describe electric motors in terms the uninitiated
can understand. One horsepower is defined as 746 Watts, so with Mark's
bike at 72V and 1000 Amp zilla, max horsepower would be an instantaneous
horsepower of 96.5. Of course we all know that the voltage will sag a
bit at 1000A, but even at 60V and 800A you are looking at 64 hp, more
than enough to satisfy the ice folks.


30,000 miles on the S10E with NiMH and still as strong as the day I
bought it.

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So I take my bike
down to the local ADOT Level II inspection station to get a VIN number
and title........the first guy looked really concerned and asked how
many cc's. I explained that it was a 13 HP electric motor. He said
that that was not enough for highway use. I explained that it would go
over 65 MPH. He said I don't think we can do this and went to get his
sargent, who came out with a camera and took a bunch of pictures and
said that they could not inspect it and would send the pictures
"upstairs" for review. They would get back to me in 2-3 weeks. Since
this bike was built from scratch and does not have a VIN number what do
you think my chances are for getting a title? me

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