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Re: Lester SCR Battery Charger

Hey Jim,
I have dealt with tech support at Lester several times on non-SCR
chargers. I would suggest giving them a call. Their main person at
tech support
is a great guy( I think his name is George) who answered all my
stupid questions about using and troubleshooting a 20 year old Lester
120V charger that I was trying to use with nicads.

He was kind enough to FAX me all the operating info plus a schematic
and troubleshooting guide. Then he told me what pins to check for
component testing over the phone. Their parts are relatively
reasonable and are worth the price of the free support.

I am sure he would be happy to answer your questions AND they
occasionally have old stock and prototypes available.

Lester makes a big heavy charger but it is relatively efficient and
is a great domestic manufacturer to do business with!

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