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Re: My Appologies Re: Let My People Convert! - The A123 Challenge

Peter.. better get it just out like that :)

I can't describe the feeling of pleasure when I have chance to challence
hairy little trolls... I will continue the troll-hunt off-list..

My sincere apologies to all listers. I'm really sorry I fed the Troll.
It was night and .. .


Peter VanDerWal kirjoitti:
> My Appologies to the list. I ment to send that to Jukka directly.
> Sorry.
>> Jukka,
>> Hopefully you've learned to ignore all of Dan's posts now? It's quite
>> clear (at least to me) that Dan has no intention of ever doing anything
>> except insult people.
>> He suckers you in with a seemingly honest question just so he can insult
>> you when you reply.
>>> Dan, I was not speaking in here. It's called typing or writing. That's
>>> how the small little letters do appear in your 386 SX + CRT ... OK..
>>> I have bought over 1 000 000 AH from TS up to this date. So.. yes I have
>>> bought some.
>>> -Jukka
>>> Dan Frederiksen kirjoitti:
>>>> Jukka Järvinen wrote:
>>>>> Guys, Guys.. A123 sells Cobal Phosphate cells to DeWalt. They have not
>>>>> yet brought out the Iron Phosphate cells. At least so I have heard
>>>>> from the little birds :) . . . .
>>>> that's interesting. their website doesn't actually say cobalt or iron.
>>>> but it does say the specs. it could be crystal meth chemistry for all I
>>>> care if it works. and apparently it does.
>>>>> Selling plain cells to "grass root activists" is insane.
>>>> you really are a schmuck. haven't you yourself bought lithium batteries
>>>> for a homebuilt EV? such elitist crap
>>>>> Reason A123 still has good fame is that they are not giving the cells
>>>>> out to wrong persons.
>>>> aren't they selling to everyone? just at higher prices. when you learn
>>>> to speak english properly we can talk about who's the wrong people.
>>>> Dan
>> --
>> If you send email to me, or the EVDL, that has > 4 lines of legalistic
>> junk at the end; then you are specifically authorizing me to do whatever I
>> wish with the message. By posting the message you agree that your long
>> legalistic signature is void.
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