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RE: Neutral Timing is Better for Commuters - AC motors

> FWIW I've already gone through 8 AC lift motors for
> Winco Foods and just got a call from Johns work that
> someone was needing a Crown AC motor gone through
> (have no idea why yet) Being these aren't that old
> I
> personally don't see the longevity yet of these
> smaller type AC units.


Let me know what you find out on these AC motors.
Sounds like they tried to over-compensate cost
reduction on the motor to make up for the higher
electronics cost?

P.S. I have nice 9" frame size AC motor for a 5,000 lb
forklift, wound for 24Vdc. It might make a nice
'go-cart' motor :). I still need to throw together a
control though.
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