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Re:Ni-MH cells and Chevron (Re: EV digest 7078)

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Re:Ni-MH cells and Chevron (Re: EV digest 7078)

Unfortunately, I have tried that Tenergy D cell, and it is crap. Here, btw, is a site I have found
some time ago that might be of use for you.

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Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2007 11:30 AM
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> James,
> The Ni-MH issue is only with the large formate batteries. You might look
> harder on the Internet for less expensive Ni-MH batteries. It seems Toyota
> has gotten around the restriction by increasing the number of power cells
> that they are using currently in the Prius to power their next generation
> of plug in Priuses. The prices of the market cells have come down a lot.
> You might look into powering your bike with AA Ni-MH cells or D cells. You
> could probably pick them up in AU saving your self the shipping costs.
> Try Tenergy sold at All-Battery on the Internet.
> Tenergy has a tabbed D cell battery that costs 7.95 and is rated at 1.2
> volt at 10 Ah. To get the 36v 40Ah you want should only cost you around
> 950 dollars. They may give you a break on price if you tell them you are
> buying 120 batteries. I believe you can get them even cheaper if they
> don't have tabs to weld them together into one pack. Also try looking up a
> company called CTX. They have a D cell that is rated at 13.5 Ah. It costs
> more but in may reduce the size of your pack.
> Keep us posted on your project I want to see the end results.
> Joseph Lado