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Re: [OT] Satellite Internet (was: DIY Electric Car Forums)

VoIP works on WildBlue, but with a large-ish delay. The Satellites are
22,000 miles out, so that's a 44,000 mile round trip, which takes the radio
signal almost a half second to travel. This means there is a delay in the

But, yes, it works.

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>I wonder if any of these satellite tv and internet companies offer phone
>service too. Or does satellite technology make cell phones viable for
>people who live in the country already? Anyway, this is where cable modems
>really shine and hopefully a satellite modem could do the same thing. When
>our house had dial-up, the only reason we had a land line at all was for
>the computer. We were already using cell phones. When we switched to cable,
>we disconnected the land line and saved ourselves that $25 per month. We
>also got rid of AOL, so we did not have to worry about that $25 a month
>anymore. We did have to upgrade our cell phone service, so there was some
>additional cost involved, but between the AOL charges and the Qwest
>charges, our COX cable bill was basically covered. Is a scenario like this
>possible with Satellite Internet?
> Brian
> ---- Tim Humphrey <[email protected]> wrote:
> =============
>> I have a dial-up connection that normally
>> connects as a fast 28.8 speed. This is the best that I can get since I
>> live out
>> in the country where cable and DSL is not available.
> I don't want to be a spammer but,
> Those of you caught in this situation may wish to consider....
> Stay Charged!
> Hump
> I-5, Blossvale NY
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