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RE: Soon to be Pinto Grin (was RE: Another Tweety grin...)

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RE: Soon to be Pinto Grin (was RE: Another Tweety grin...)

I used to race several different year models of pinto's on some of the local
dirt tracks around my area. They are pretty stable little vehicles. Good
luck on building your EV.

Thanks, Freddie

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Subject: Soon to be Pinto Grin (was RE: Another Tweety grin...)

Sad, but true. Makes me feel old now ;-) But seriously, in making phone
calls to look for parts, and when I had to rent the tow dolly to bring the
donor home, and just recently talking to the battery reps, when asked "make
and model" I say " '78 Pinto" . On several occasions I have received
immediate chuckles instantly when I say that. There is some memory floating
around of this ex- flame ball :) We'll see what people remember about it
now after it kicks their ass at the track :)

Anchorage, Ak.

>Tim Humphrey wrote:
> That might work. But, keep in mind there a probably quite a few
> cops on the force today that have never seen and don't know what
> the hell a Pinto is; or what a slow piece of crap it was before you
> modified it.

> > Mike Willmon wrote:
> >
> > "But honest officer, this thing is only battery powered, I couldn't
> > possibly have layed those 100 ft twin black stripes. It must
> have been
> > that Red 5.0 liter Mustang that was next to me at the light. :-O"
> >
> > Do you think that would work for a Pinto? I mean no one in their
> right> mind would ever suspect.....a Pinto?
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