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Re: Tweety went swimming!

Whoa...that's a heluva story.

You might ask Myers Motors about the danger of submerging the motor
bearings. If they wipe out it'll ruin your motor.

Otherwise, just clean wire and cable interconnects and maybe apply a light
coating of dielectric grease.


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Tweety went swimming!

You may have noticed, in the weather news, that Texas has been really
hammered with rain. Earlier this month we have had more than our share
of water!

Anyway, during one of those rainy days, I was out, in Tweety, running
errands during lunch. On the way back to work, the bottom dropped out
of the clouds and it was poring so hard the streets were completely
covered in water. I was driving down the middle of the road which was
the only way I could tell where I was. I could barely see the yellow
stripe under the water. The rest of the road was a raging river that
went all the way across business parking lots. When I got back to
work, I noticed that raging river was flowing across the dip at the
entrance of the parking lot entrance. I thought I can’t cross that!
But there were cars behind me waiting for me to go. So I went for it.
The water was much deeper than I thought! A wall of water gushed over
the top of the car and I couldn’t see anything! I knew Tweety’s motor
was completely under water at that point. Water was flowing in around
the bottom of the door, but, it drove along as if nothing unusual was
going on. It drove back up and out of the “river”. I parked it and
ran inside. I came back out after the rain slacked off and plugged it
in. It was still raining hard after work, but, not flooding as bad.
Tweety drove home as if nothing had happened. The next day, I crawled
under and looked at the motor. I lifted a connector boot and water
pored out. All four connector boots were full of water, even the two
on top. No water in the brush guard. I guess the fan sucked it out as
I drove.

Everything still seems to be ok, but I was wondering if there is
anything that should be done for a motor that has been submerged –
while driving.


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