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Re: was DIY Electric now forums redux

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Re: was DIY Electric now forums redux

may help *some* users.

Its not at all far-fetched to expect a forum to also send email like a list. I am not happy with PHPbb, but looks like it might be better. The good CMSes ( Drupal, Joomla etc etc ) have forums too
and all those other lovely features like galleries and archives and calendars and news ....

An advantage of forums that I haven't seen mentioned here is the real-time posting. With digests you get a cacophony of
duplicate and out-of-order answers.

Lots of busy computer-subject groups still run as mailing lists quite effectively, Fedora for instance. Not the same
culture to be sure.

Thread-jacking is ubiquitous on both types of system, no doubt Neanderthals did it with sticks in the dirt.

To the person who thinks forums are slow: my bookmark calls the "view unread threads" in the forum I admin- it couldn't
be faster.

To the folks with dial-up only - sorry.

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Re: was DIY Electric now forums redux

> Umm, that is only an advantage if you are crazy enough to use Digest mode.
> Most people I know just get each email as it comes in, which is
> "real-time" posting.

Except email takes random amount of time to arrive at list... in my experience.

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