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Re: zilla "check Engine" light question

Hello David,

This same thing happens to me once until I did a modification to my battery
feed circuit to the controller. According to Otmar, he said turn the
ignition key to the on position, pulse a bit when you get the Ignition Led
on and then turn to the Start position to get the second Led indication and
than release back to ignition.

I had the habit of turning the ignition key right to the start position
which I may only get one indication light on which stays on. Turning the
ignition key off and re cycle will clear this up.

In my setup, I have two addition battery contactors plus the main contactor
which are turn on my the same control 12 volt relay. What happen here, is
the main contactor would come on a micro second sooner than the ssfety
contactors and the main contactor does not see any input voltage, causing a
momentary error. I then install another 12 volt control relay off the
ignition position, so the safety contactors would come on first before the
main contactor does.

Sometimes a momentary high resistance connection between the battery will
cause this indicator to lite up.

Normally when this happens to me, it will work normally on the next start


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From: "David Brandt" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 3:22 PM
Subject: zilla "check Engine" light question

> I was driving today to the garage for an alignment (have to wait and drop
> it off Sunday - sigh) and the zilla flashed the check engine light slowly
> but did not register any trouble codes. I reviewed the manual, but it
> didn't give a list of what would make it do that.
> To sum up,
> This happened while driving.
> There were no trouble codes. Yes, I checked for previous codes. There
> are none.
> The battery voltage was fine. Well above warning level.
> It continued driving just fine.
> I was driving at low power levels (50-100 battery amps).
> Nominal pack voltage is 228V.
> What would cause this? It was around 100 degrees outside. Could it have
> been cutting back due to high temperature? I have the full liquid cooling
> unit (from evsource) and it seems to be working.
> Thanks.
> David Brandt
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