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Rear subframe for Tesla Model 3 RDU

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I'm starting to work on the chassis for my swap project. I initially thought I was going to use the entire Model 3 rear subframe, but I didn't end up going that route for various reasons.

In the hot rod world, there are a few manufacturers that build chassis using some Corvette suspension geometry, so I decided to attempt the same.
I managed to get access to a C7 Z06 corvette on a lift, so I 3D scanned the whole suspension setup, front and back (pictured rear).

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My goals here would be to use the spindle, upper and lower control arms and toe adjustment link from the Corvette in a package that mounts the Tesla Model 3 Rear Drive Unit. I'm also hoping to make the drive unit removable from the bottom somehow.
I might use a different brake setup, but there are lots of options for Corvettes.

I'm just starting on this, so I am very much open to ideas and critique. I'll post some progress when I make any.
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Nice scan.

I would not knock myself out in making the DU bottom-removable if it's mounted in a removable cradle. If you're welding the cradle in, then obviously, yeah.
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The beauty of a cradle is you might be able to tool it once and use it on several builds if it carries the suspension with it.

Probably stating the obvious, but if you're custom building a frame, the "cradle" can simply be a removable crossmember. If you're welding it all in, then yes on the bottom removal.

One thought, maybe, is being able to upgrade the DU later without altering the frame.
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I would have gone with two transverse pieces, vs the one, each connecting one of the upper control arm pivots to the other side. You have room for it, so I don't see a need for weird loading that singular cross piece's ends, though if you assume no cornering loads the coilovers are coupled.

Did you check articulation to clear the coilovers (for that vehicle weight) I'm guessing you're using?
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