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My search for a 14S ~200-300A BMS for this build is coming up surprisingly dry, and I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for where I should look. Here are some of the features/requirements I'm looking for in a BMS (in rough priority order):
  • 14S config for Li-ion (I have 2 7S gen3 leaf modules wired in series)
  • ~200-300A discharge rating
  • Able to be shipped to the US in 1-2 weeks
  • Configurable max/min charge voltage
  • Low temperature cut-off
  • Per-cell voltage readout

Far and away the ones that come up the most are made by DALY, or rebadged versions of the same product. These check a lot of boxes for me, and have a lot of neat "smart" features, but seem like they are made quite cheaply and shipping estimates are over a month. Are there any other options for a small setup like this?
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