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I’v been rather curious about an article that I found on the internet concerning reconditioning LPb batteries using Magnesium Sulfate. My own lead that I’m using for the accessory system on the lil Red truck is getting old (5-6 yrs) and not holding the charge to the point that I had one almost fail on a trip yesterday. So I tried the MgSo4 method. First of all I drained the gp24 deep cycle to the plates, than I micro waved 4 heaping tbl. Spoons of Epsom and mixed well. This I added to the cells and shook well. Next I topped the cells with new battery acid and tested. The cells hygrometered at about ¾ charge and 12.55 volts. Of interesting note is that the electrolyte was very brown after I added the MgSo4. Now I am equalizing the battery on a manual current controlled charger with the hope of equalizing the cells and further desulofinating the plates. Has anyone out there had any significant success with reconditioning lead?...... this should be interesting.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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