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Hi all - I'm in the early process of spec'ing out a lithium pack to replace my old lead pack, which ran at 156v. I'd like to keep that number intact if possible, or be in the 144-156 range so I can reuse all of the previous components and not have to swap out anything major, like charger, controller, etc. The hope is just new batteries + bms.

I like the idea of a salvage pack and eventually being able to possibly swap cells as they fail, or replace all with a new salvage pack years down the line. Without having to completely rebuild battery boxes and other infrastructure. I know battery tech will be much better in 5-10 years and I'll probably scrap it all and rebuild anyway, but I like the idea of not having to if I don't want to and just finding another same-gen pack to drop in.

Of the various salvage packs available in the USA - as in Tesla, Volt, Leaf, Fiat, BMW and so on - do any of them easily configure to 144-156v worth of modules? What's the closest match? Anyone done up a pack like this with success and want to share?

As far as capacity, I'm pretty flexible and could get by on as little as 16kwh or so (Volt). I do like the idea of paralleling a Leaf pack and just removing some cells to get it down from 180 to 156, and maybe even keeping a few more cells in the pack and just not charging quite as high. I'm sure I could find a use for a few extra cells regardless - so that's probably what I'm leaning towards. But is there anything else out there that's a more perfect fit for an old 156v conversion? I'm not super familiar with Fiat or BMW cells, just studying up now. Thanks for any help, just want to not leave any stones unturned as I start to hone in on the next pack!
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